Service In The Community


Lovingly Leading Individuals from Exploitation is an organization started by members of our church. It began as a phone bank-based effort and now partners with Redeemed Ministries and Rescue Houston (work days) which are agencies assisting women and teens exit life from sex trafficking. In these organizations, women are provided safe exits from trafficking, clothing, and  safe home environments where follow up care is provided. These services include counseling, education, life skills training, and other classes that will help each individual re-integrate into society. LLIFE lends a hand with work days at their campuses, while helping to provide basic necessities.  We also join with other groups to help meet the needs associated in preparing women to move out on their own. With a lot of love and some much-appreciated manpower, a whole apartment can be furnished and a new home created!

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Boys and Girls Country

Boys and Girls Country

“The primary goal of Boys and Girls Country is to provide a home for children from families in crisis and to ensure their care, welfare, safety and security. In addition to furnishing their basic needs, our program works with each child toward two important objectives. First, each child is able to build relationships, acquire responsibilities, and grow and develop within the context of a stable, structured and loving home environment. Second, every child sets and achieves realistic short- and long-term goals with essential behavioral health support and remedial academic tutoring.” – from the Boys and Girls Country website

The Friendship Sunday School class has sponsored a cabin at Boys and Girls Country for years. This group plans monthly birthday parties, special events, forms relationships with the youth who live in the community, and so much more. This is a wonderful organization to give time to and a wonderful group of volunteers to spend time with!

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Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Sleep In Heavenly Peace seeks volunteers in your community to help build beds. Sleep In Heavenly Peace believes that “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town.” SHP has over 300 chapters across the US, Canada, and Bermuda. Houston has 4 Chapters that cover 83 zip codes in Houston and the surrounding area.

Our congregation has two ways to volunteer with Sleep In Heavenly Peace. Once a month, usually on Saturday mornings, a team of folks build beds, while others deliver and assemble beds in the homes/apartments of those who have requested a bed.

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Prison ministry


This special ministry was also started by members of our congregation. Volunteers go to the Women’s Prison in Dayton, TX and teach a parenting class to the resident women. The ARK curriculum was written by a former Senior Pastor of Cypress Creek Christian Church.

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Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) is an organization founded in 1983 by 10 churches, of different denominations, in the Northwest Houston Area. Cypress Creek Christian Church was one of the founding churches and our community is still actively involved in NAM’s mission. The organization provides many services for those who are struggling including food, clinic visits, job assistance, resale shop, meals on wheels, etc.

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